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Home Energy Efficiency in Tucson & Arizona City, AZ

Energize Arizona is your go to company if you want the following for your home:

  • Latest energy efficiency upgrades for your home
  • To create a more comfortable home environment
  • Reduce dust
  • Extend the life expectancy of new or used equipment
  • Healthier breathing in the home environment
  • Lower energy bills
Whole home solutions

Many companies will just suggest 1-2 options, but Energize Arizona does a whole home assessment to maximize your energy usage and make your home healthier by improving the air quality.  We also indentify the sources that are causing the dust and allergens and give you solutions to help reduce them.

How We Do It

Utilizing state of the art techniques and technology, we assess your home from the ground to roof to check for items like leaks in your outlets, doors, windows and ohter areas to give you a comprehensive report on how you can begin saving money and energy usage year round. They also identify air and water leaks, faulty wiring, damaged systems, and any other problematic issues so you have a full home energy assessment at your disposal.

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